We founded Equity Directory two years ago with the goal of helping early stage entrepreneurs overcome some of the most common hurdles experienced while going from idea to product market fit.

All too often we would come across entrepreneurs focused on raising capital long before they could properly do so, at least on good terms. They were trying to raise capital, because they didn't have the knowledge or bandwidth to build and scale their product alone but couldn't afford to pay people to get it up and going. They were convinced that their only answer was to raise capital to be able to pay those people to join their team. This led us to wonder, well why not help them find people who are passionate about their idea, able to pitch in, and willing to accept some equity instead?

We've now helped dozens of founders find team members that passionately work with them under terms that makes sense for their startup. We've helped extend their runway and allowed them to focus on building products and getting customers.  




Colin is a web developer turned entrepreneur. Early in his career he led teams of developers while consulting for companies like Sun Microsystems and TIBCO. He went on to found an affiliate-based social shopping site, a personalized photo service app and a startup consulting platform.

Lisa has repeatedly been recognized for her work in empowering other female entrepreneurs. She was previously the Director of Marketing for PointDrive, a startup acquired by LinkedIn, and led sales and marketing for a financial technology company acquired by Lightspeed Financial. 


Our Advisors


Christopher Lochhead

  • Legends & Losers Podcast Host
  • Co-Author of "Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets"

Hermione Way

  • Former Head Of European Communications at Tinder
  • Brand consultant, with over 10+  years experience, who helps companies big and small accelerate growth of their brand. 


In 2016 we participated in Startup Next LA, a Techstars program, and embraced the opportunity to pitch at LA-based events such as Eureka Fest and Tech.co's LA Startup Night. Colin had the pleasure of speaking at TEDx Livermore. And Techweek recognized us as a community cultivator on the Los Angeles #Techweek100. 

Want to learn more about Equity Directory and our story? Check out this list of videos, articles, and blog posts about us. 

Media inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at founders@equitydirectory.com. 




We'd love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions. Just shoot an email to founders@equitydirectory.com.