Equity Directory pairs startups with talent willing to work for equity
This service could definitely revolutionize the equity-based market. Equity Directory takes your skills, experience, and preferred work into account when matching your profile with startups.

Equity Directory recognized as a Cultivator in the 2016 Los Angeles Techweek100
Techweek, a global conference and media company, announce its 2016 Techweek100 honoring 100 of the most prominent tech leaders and innovators in the greater Los Angeles area. Equity Directory was named in the list of top cultivators among VCs, incubators, educational institutes, and other organizations that support and enable the tech ecosystem.

7 companies just completed Startup Next LA: Here's what they learned
StartupNext, a TechStars program, graduated its most recent class this week. To date, the previous Startup Next classes have raised over $25 million and have been accepted into some of the top accelerators in the world. 

The Equity Economy
In the new equity economy, people are coming together as a community, doing work on the side, for a cause they believe in. Colin takes the TEDx Livermore stage to share the inspiration and industry trends behind Equity Directory. 

Giving out equity and getting to work with Lisa Magill of Equity Directory
Lisa is no stranger to co-founding a company, but her experience with launching Equity Directory is unlike any other before. Here she provides her top three tips about giving out equity in your startup.

In his book "Buy Buttons: The Fast-Track Strategy to Make Extra Money and Start a Business in Your Spare Time" Nick Loper shares resources and strategies for those interested in a side hustle. Among the extensive list of resources, he highlights Equity Directory saying, "It's an interesting play for side hustlers because you can work on a project you're interested in or passionate about with the potential for a big payout down the road."

Equity Directory: bringing innovation to startup employment
This is a service that could greatly change how freelance consultants and employees approach equity-based work by taking away the element-of-surprise and creating a streamlined process to match work opportunities with candidates.

20 Slack communities for tech entrepreneurs you want to be a part of
In the early days of Equity Directory, we maintained a unique Slack community for founders and talent to discuss potential opportunities. This community was recognized here on Forbes. 

What to know about joining a startup for equity rather than salary
Startup companies have a difficult time finding and hiring the right mix of talent to help them grow without breaking the bank with high salaries. One alternative to offering large salaries, or paying large consulting fees, is offering equity. 

Ask the Experts: How the sharing economy impacts software firms
Just like Airbnb allows you to monetize your couch, one of our companies, Equity Directory, allows you to monetize your skills. It is a platform that matches great startups with talented people who are willing to share their skills for upside. 

Meet LA-based Startup Equity Directory
Espree Devora interviews Lisa on the WeAreLATech Podcast. Together they discuss the start of Equity Directory, the pain point the company addresses and why it's important. 


Budget Friendly Development
On his personal blog, John Salzarulo discusses budget friendly development resources including Equity Directory. 

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