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Let us help you find the right team members from within the Equity Directory network. Over the last two years, we have passionately built this community of talented entrepreneurs, freelancers, and service providers. We know just how incredible each member is and will happily help you find the best of the bunch.

Here's what to expect after you sign up:

  • Our team will review your Equity Directory profile and provide any suggestions on how to best present your idea, traction and needs.  
  • We will publish your profile to our community. Any of our members that align with your startup's need will receive an email notification prompting them to review your profile. 
  • If interested, the talent will message you from your profile requesting more information.  
  • You can follow up with those that reach out and schedule time for an introductory call. 
  • You'll continue to receive notifications from new talent that joins the community and aligns with your needs for 60 days. 

The terms of your relationship are completely up to you and the candidates. 


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Let us help you find your startup team's missing piece. We'll share your startup profile with our community of talented members who can't wait to hear about your idea. 

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