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Let us help you find the right team members from within the Equity Directory network. Over the last two years, we have passionately built this community of talented entrepreneurs, freelancers, and service providers. We know just how incredible each member is and will happily help you find the best of the bunch.

Here's what to expect after you sign up for our White Glove Service:

  • A 1:1 call with our team allowing us to dive deep into how your company works, the traction you have so far, your vision, and the role you are looking to fill. 
  • Our team will sort through our database identifying the candidates we believe to be the best fit. 
  • We then track these candidates down to schedule a pre-qualifying call with each of them. 
  • We'll interview the candidates, sharing details about your opportunity with them and making sure that they are interested, available and willing to work under the terms you've provided. 
  • Of those that qualify, we'll then provide you the TOP 3 CANDIDATES. 

You can then set up interviews with each of these vetted candidates and determine which of them will be the best fit for your team. 

The terms of your relationship are completely up to you and the candidate. 


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White Glove Service

This premium matching service allows our team to identify the best possible candidates within the Equity Directory community for your startup. We have thousands of talented developers, designers, growth hackers and more that are looking for exciting new projects just like yours!

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